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Alisahnecollection 2021

Defined by the balance between class and fluidity, the ALISAHNE aesthetic embodies a refined sense of cosmopolitan lifestyle and femininity.

This year’s Collection is drawing inspiration from self-discovery and our ability to seek out beauty in our wildest side, in our “bestial” form. Its name is “Alma”, woman’s deep soul. Artfully crafted with ethereal lines, the SS 2021 collection, “Alma”, is precisely tailored to achieve the perfect fit for the female form.

The collection is playful through its ruffles and flounces, bold through its color palette and feminine through its lines and textures : a perfect fusion to exude beauty and strength, to reflect the many sides of woman nature.

Inspired by the incredible beauty of the glowing white, the mysterious black, the glamorous red and splashes of gold, the designer aims to evoke the feeling of a pleasant and carefree lifestyle discovering our own personal needs along with the wild part of our soul.

Arched legs, movement of the shoulders and hips, hems with rich frills and flounces, and transparent fabric use celebrate the interplay of line and volume on the exceptional woman figure.

Discover the edgy contrasts and the mystic power of your story, your “Alma”.