ALISAHNE Resort Collection


About the spell


ALISAHNE’s Mediterranean treasures will allure you to a delightful journey of the senses.

There... where the sea is a magical combination of salt crust, therapeutic sunbeams and mystical shades of sky. An enticing place for the soul, where inspiration is guided by the Gods. ALISAHNE was born at that moment when a summer wave embraced the sun and kissed the pebbles of the golden shore. ALISAHNE is the manifestation of pure passion. She is the radiant daughter born from the playful dance between the gentle Mediterranean sea and the welcoming line of bright shores.

The collection is the embodiment of the spirit of ALISAHNE, the divine creature. A muse of extraordinary inner and outer beauty, charm and elegance, symbolizing the very essence of femininity.

ALISAHNE's creations intend to praise the divinity inherent in the feminine nature, like a "sea mist" that secretly inspires the release of the unique feminine aura.

ALISAHNE brings a distinctive design aesthetic, incorporating international trends and influences always with high quality standards. The collections are handmade and implemented in Greece with great dedication by specialized teams. Fabrics and accessories that adorn the garments and swimwear are sourced from Italy, France and other European countries, ensuring elegance, durability and optimal comfort.

ALISAHNE dresses the female body with flattering cuts that embrace the body and curves, in praise of the brilliance of women's feminine lines and unparalleled beauty. The colours, the textures, the unique prints that frame the collections along with the Kissing floor lengths , the impeccable fit, the Lycras with a velvet feel that keep their shape and are not altered by ultraviolet rays, are all what make ALISAHNE's creations a unique experience of mystical mood and sensation that every woman must enjoy!